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Welcome to The Honest Eco, a small family business based in Auckland, New Zealand set up to make it easy for everyone to start making small changes in their home to reduce waste and become more environment friendly.

We know that everyone is always telling you the best foods to eat, how much you should exercise, and what you are doing wrong in your life.  We aren't here to do that.  We are here to help you by providing a one stop shop for a number of common home products and associated glass bottles which will make it easy to reduce your plastic waste, and generally make your life easier.

To busy to worry about the products you are buying? Not anymore everything you need to start reducing your plastic waste is here and will be delivered to your door.

Whats with the name?

Good question, there is a story about how that came about that doesn't involve a Thesaurus, Google or a Facebook poll.

While discussing the idea of opening a store to supply products like this the big question of names came up and what would be a suitable name for a store.  We tossed around a number of ideas which really didn't have any meaning apart from hopefully being catchy when we decided to take a step back and talk about what it is we are actually trying to achieve. 

What it all boiled down to was that we are trying to make it easy for people to make a number of small changes in their lives without resorting to only eating leaves as they fall off the trees in autumn, or to put it another way, just making an honest attempt while still being practical because you can't change everything all at once. 

So that was the focus – an Honest attempt at being Eco friendly. And the name was born– The Honest Eco.

Sounds good. So what you are offering!

Like the name it is pretty simple really.

Buy glass bottles with the appropriate attachments to use all around your house – the Kitchen, the Bathroom, the Laundry – then load it up with your favourite environmentally friendly product and you are away.  When you run out let us know, we will get a Courier to pick up your empty bottle, bring it back to us and we will Refill it and send it back to you so you can, ahem, rinse and repeat (quality products, not quality humour).

The theory behind all this is two fold, cut down waste by reusing the containers all from the comfort of your home, and buy in bulk to save money.

Sweet! How can I stay up to date?

We are everywhere. Follow us on Instagram for more ideas and also for some pretty photos that show these things in action (who doesnt love a good photo of some Soap on the bench?), or catch us on Facebook for probably the same photo but hopefully you feel less guilty because you can honestly say you weren't on Instagram all day, or check out our Blog right here as we will be writing incredible articles on Products and new features as they come along.  Lastly sign up to our Newsletter to get all of the above emailed directly to you as well as member only specials.

Ok ... once more In a Nutshell?

No worries. Basically we have been trying to make small changes in our lives in order to live more sustainably which can be a challenge in this busy life. We found that there wasn't really a one stop shop where you can find and buy some simple products to reduce the waste that you produce and finding a way to refill your products was even worse so that is what The Honest Eco is all about. 

Using recycled glass bottles and jars in the manufacture of new glass containers provides energy savings and reduction in carbon dioxide emissions to conserve nature resources. Glass is uniquely sustainable as it can be recycled again and again without loss in quality, purity or clarity.

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