Where can I fill up?

After you purchase a 5litre bottle from us and you have used it all up, we organise for your bottle to come back to us at HQ where we fill it and courier it back to you. Easy.  We love the convenience of online shopping!

What can I refill?

Anything we stock in refills

What kind of container do we need?

Ideally we would like you to have a 5ltr bottle from us.  But if you have already bought a 5ltr bottle from lets say - ecostore. Then send it to us and we will fill it up for you.

What happens to the bulk containers you refill from?

Once empty we clean our 20L bulk containers and return them to our local suppliers, where they're refilled and reused again and again for a very long time.


Do you offer a Refund or Exchange?

The Honest Eco will gladly honour a refund or exchange on regular priced, unused merchandise within two weeks of purchase. Must be in original, resealable condition with a proof of payment.  Discounted items will be processed to the same amount paid.  Items returned after two weeks can only be exchanged or issued store credit.  Items purchased over one month will not be accepted.

Exceptions to this rule ;

  • No refund or exchange of bulk products refilled in customers’ containers including soaps, body care, cleaning products.
  • Pumps and sprayers that stop working within one month of purchase will be allowed to be returned for an exchange or credit.
No returns after one month.

The Honest Eco will not be held accountable for any damages from the use of cleaning products sold in our store.  Please refer to the best practices as labelled on our products, and it’s recommended to test a small inconspicuous area before proceeding.

If any item is damaged by shipping we will resend the item free of charge.


Do packages require a signature?

As standard, all packages are delivered without needing a signature.  Please contact us immediately after placing your order, if you wish to sign for your parcel.  On that note - if you are not home during the day, you could get it sent to your Mum up the road or get it sent to work.

At this time we cannot send to PO Boxes.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All orders placed before 5pm will be shipped the following day.  Weekend and public holiday orders will be sent on the next working day.  
Please allow 3-10 working days for Courier Post to work their magic!

What are your shipping costs?

Free shipping in Auckland and Auckland Rural! whoohoo!
Outside of Auckland, rest of North Island $6
South Island $9

Pretty easy right!?  We ourselves love the convenience of online shopping.  We are Rural so we understand how annoying shipping rates can be!

Is my order packaging sustainable?

Everything we package your order its has been used time and time before.  We are big believers on reducing, reusing, recycling.
Cardboard - We use boxes which are destined for the paper skip.  We break them down to size so they fit your order perfectly.
Fillers - we use a range of fillers from ‘second time round’ tissue paper to the gross plastic spongy stuff you cringe at.  We have friends who, instead of throwing it in the bin, give it to us to repurpose in our packaging to keep your glass bottles safe. Lets keep this stuff circulating!


Where is The Honest Eco based?

Auckland, New Zealand

Who owns and operates The Honest Eco?

Dream team Catherine and Caleb, who together wanted to make an impact on reducing the crazy consumption of plastic in our community and country.

What is The Honest Ecos dream?

To make it possible for everyone to keep reusing the same plastic bottle for their soaps.  Instead of buying 10x 500ml bottles from the supermarket you could buy one 5lt bottle to last the year, and just keep on refilling that beaut.  We are busy people, workers, parents ourselves and even the thought of having to drive to a specific store (thats not the supermarket) to refill .  So we wanted to make it easier by offering an online delivery service.

Do we wholesale?

Not at this point, but we are always open to conversation, contact us here.

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