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THE Classic 500ml Glass Range

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The Honest Eco Classic 500ml Glass Range

The Classic Range...

The Classic range comes with The Honest Eco's classic style label, for the lovers of our classic style.  Select the Bottle Type from the Available Options list above and your new bottle will come with the appropriate attachment (pump or trigger).

The Bottles...

The Honest Eco glass bottles contain no harmful chemicals that can leach into the product.  Further to this the Amber bottles are made from the highest quality brown glass to provide optimum UV protection for light sensitive contents.

The Trigger...

The trigger sprayer is a versatile, robust, all-purpose sprayer designed with user comfort in mind. The trigger has a textured surface to help grip with wet or gloved hands.

The Pump...

Our bottles come with a sturdy palm pump so you get controlled, repeatable dosages.


All bottles come with a cap so they can be sealed when not in use (or maybe you just want to use your awesome trigger on your hair dressing bottle as well).

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